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For more than 35 years Akron company has been providing complete solutions in the field of built-in wardrobes and other furniture items and achieving enviable results. The company is recognisable by built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, partition walls, bedrooms, children's rooms and other made-to-measure furniture.

We furnish all types of premises, from bedrooms, children's and living rooms, bathrooms, attics, entryways and home offices, to business premises, such as hotels and apartments, showrooms and offices.

Vgradne omare po meri

Built-in wardrobes

Excellent built-in wardrobes make our lives much easier as being well organised is also one of the secrets of well-being.

Spalnice po meri


The most intimate place of every home is the bedroom, radiating a charming atmosphere. It sure is nice to enter your pleasant bedroom after a hard working day.

Otroške sobe po meri

Children's rooms

The children's room is a place, where your children spend a lot of time. Here they can play, study, socialise, sleep, dream or even seek for a shelter.

Dnevne sobe

Living rooms

The living room is the most important place in every home, where we socialise, talk, watch TV, relax...

Predsobe po meri


The entryway is the first room of every home, giving an insight to your life space and telling a lot about your chosen style.

Vgradne omare po meri

Business premises

The business premises express the excellence of a company and its concern for its personnel, customers and environment. Business premises which are famous for their quality.

Entering the gallery

By continuous development and identifying new business opportunities Akron breaks the moulds of expectations and creates extraordinary added value by following market trends.

Of course, success is not a coincidence. All our activities are customer-oriented, recognising and meeting every expectation. The Akron co-workers carry out their work devotedly and masterly, which could be seen in the clients' satisfaction, who are happy returning. The Akron trade mark is recognisable in its home region, however it is paving its way and leaving footprints also abroad.

Key advantages

Complete service

From the idea to the installation

We provide complete solutions for interior design, consultation, 3D visualisation, in-field measurements, manufacture, delivery and installation. Deciding for Akron furniture means trusting the quality. You can carelessly carry out your daily activities, while we shall take care of your furniture. The furniture shall be installed in your home exactly as you thought it would be. Or even better! Your satisfaction means a great deal to us, therefore we will strive for excellence in all stages, from designing all the way to installation.

Made-to-measure production

Slovene furniture, made-to-measure

Akron has been a Slovenian trade mark, manufacturing unique made-to-measure furniture since 1989. The furniture is distinguished by its maximising space and meeting client's individual needs. Needs for functional and aesthetic perfection.

Assured quality

Long lasting life expectancy

Each Akron product is unique, tailor-made just for you. The quality is monitored in every stage of a project, during manufacture, designing, planning, preparation, delivery and installation. Should despite all the safety valves any errors or disputes arise, we shall resolve and settle them by amicable complaint procedures.

Maximised space

Original space solutions

Our fitted furniture is tailored to suit your space requirements and your individual needs. Built-in wardrobes can stretch from wall to wall or from floor to ceiling.

Our fitted furniture is tailored to suit your space requirements and your individual needs. Built-in wardrobes can stretch from wall to wall or from floor to ceiling.

Our highly qualified designers are seeking for the best possible solutions for your spatial needs. Technology-enhanced production and our own development bring about precise and qualitative manufacture of furniture. Warranty and servicing guaranteed.

There are numbers of advantages of the leading manufacturer of built-in wardrobes, yet all lead to creating great stories of modern furnishing and maximal satisfaction of our clients.

With you from as early as


35 years of experience

More than


satisfied clients



built-in wardrobes yearly

More than


furniture items manufactured

Through a clear vision on development of new products and qualitative service, Akron will continue to meet and exceed your expectations.

Akron business card

Akron d.o.o.
Barletova cesta 4n,
SI-1215 Medvode, Slovenia
Telephone: 00386 1 361 92 20
E-mail: info@akron.si

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