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Privacy Statement

1. General

We, AKRON d.o.o., (hereinafter referred to as the company or the controller), process and protect your personal data in compliance with the applicable legislation on personal data protection and use them solely for the purposes for which they have been collected, and we will not disclose them to any unauthorised person. Your personal data may only be disclosed upon lawful request by government authorities, in order to comply with applicable legal grounds.

2. Data retention    

We will only retain your personal data for as long as is considered necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, unless different retention period is required by legislation. 

We keep personal information about our customers, which are needed for carrying out purchases, for five years from the contract fulfilment in order to comply with applicable legal requirements. We process personal data for the purposes of direct advertising on the basis of the provided consent, until your cancellation. The consent is obtained by your subscribing to our newsletters or by entering  your e-mail address and telephone number to the ACROMAT application. Your personal data, entered to the ACROMAT, are retained until you erase the user account. By registering in ACROMAT, you agree that ACRON d.o.o., locating your postal code, transfers your data to your nearest ACRON salon. The company stores personal data of the issued account in accordance with the legislation for ten years following the end of the year to which the account refers.

You can at any time withdraw your consent to use your personal data you provided to AKRON d.o.o. However, the withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of any processing carried out before you withdraw your consent.

3. Individual's rights

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, regulating the protection of personal data, the company will assure every individual, whose personal data are being processed, the following rights:


4. Exercising the stated individuals' rights and legal remedies

You may exercise any of the above set rights free of charge, by contacting AKRON d.o.o. In order to confirm your identity, we may need to request specific information about you. We shall without undue delay respond to your request not later than within one month after receiving it. Occasionally it may take us longer, but not more than two months, if your request is complex or you have made a number of requests. The company will notify you about the prolongation, while you have the right to complain. If your requests are clearly unfounded, repetitive or excessive, the company may refuse to comply with your requests upon the set out grounds.

Individuals whose personal data are processed shall have the right to ask AKRON d.o.o. to  permanently or temporarily stop processing their personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. In this case the company ceases processing the personal data for the purpose of direct marketing not later than within 15 days, and notifies the individual about it in writing or in any other agreed way, within five days.

If the individual after receiving the company's decision, thinks that the received data are not personal data being requested for, or that not all the requested personal data have been received, he or she may, prior to lodging the complaint to the Information Commissioner, lodge such request to the company within fifteen days. The company should deal with the complaint as with the new request within five working days. If the company fails to deal with a new request within the set term, this shall be deemed to constitute an implied decision, against which an appeal may be lodged to the Information Commissioner.

In case of appeal against a negative company's decision the Information Commissioner decides according to the general administrative procedure. In cases, where it is not possible to decide otherwise, the Information Commissioner decides on a complaint by means of a decision. Complaint against such decision is not allowed, however the constitutional dispute is admissible.

5. A contract for personal data processing

Pursuant to the contract, the company may share individual tasks referring to data processing to the processor. The contract is in written form or in an adequate electronic form and in compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, provisions of laws, regulating protection of personal data and other regulations, governing protection of personal data. 


6. Contact/address details

AKRON, d.o.o.
Barletova cesta 4
1215 Medvode
T: 01 361 92 10
E-mail: info@akron.si

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